I inherited some knarly grape vines. They are on a beautiful stand, had green growth last fall, and a few little grapes, but this massive overgrowth was all wrong. I'm happy to prune but I want to do it correctly.

I attended a class taught by Alan to see if I would trust him to solve this problem. Then I had him come out to visit my vines. He taught me how he was making his decisions on what to keep, what to prune, and how to tie it into a dual cordon trellis system properly. What is a master pruner? He eliminated 90% of the plant, but he knew which 90% to eliminate. He knew it was 10 years of neglect. My goodness. It looks beautifully correct now.

I'll have beautiful green leaves and grapes too this year to fill up the stand and space. Plus, I know how to maintain grape vines into the future. I recommend him to teach you how to prune your yard, farm, or winery.

Madeline B.

in Issaquah, WA

Allan was awesome. So knowledgeable!

Laurie B.

North Bend, WA

He was very knowledgeable and he did a very good job.

Harold H.

Maple Valley, WA

In my experience with Alan over 5 years have never had a doubt in his expertise, used him as a consultant, for tree trimming and maintenance and tree pruning and retention. For young trees, ornamental landscape specimens and old growth evergreen and cedar trees.

Bernadette A.

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