Alan Haywood Arborist & Horticulturist: My Services

Based in Enumclaw, WA, and serving all of King County, Pierce County, southern Snohomish County and parts of Kitsap and Thurston counties. Alan Haywood – Arborist & Horticulturist, LLC is the area’s best choice for tree and landscape consulting services. For forty years, I have been working on tree and landscape projects in Bellevue, Seattle, and Tacoma. Today, I am proud to provide expert, independent tree and landscape services at an honest price. I am an independent owner/operator of my own business. When you deal with Alan Haywood – Arborist & Horticulturist, LLC, you can be assured that you are dealing with an experienced, educated professional and not a recently hired entry level employee or trainee.

Tree Risk Assessment

As a Certified Arborist and a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, I am well qualified to provide tree risk assessment services for hazard tree removal permits, insurance purposes or simply for your

piece of mind. From the roots to the trunk, branches, and foliage, I am familiar with all of the common problems associated with broken, diseased or leaning trees. I can advise you on the risks associated with your trees condition and help you make an educated decision on how to correct or resolve the problem.

Tree Pest Control & Disease Risk Assessments

Trees and shrubs are subject to numerous diseases and pest in the Pacific Northwest. Some of these problems are serious and can threaten the health and even the life of the plant. Some are merely a nuisance and only an aesthetic concern. Diseased trees are potentially dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible whenever detected on a property. If you suspect that your tree has been damaged due to unwanted pests, infectious diseases, or another ailment, I can help diagnose the problem and provide you with treatment recommendations. In some cases, I may even be able to provide the treatment.

Tree Inspections & Retention Plans

If you are beginning a construction project and are either intending to retain trees on the property or are required to maintain trees by the city or county permitting agency, I can help with the tree retention plan process. I can provide the tree inventory information that the government agencies require and assess the condition of the trees and the likely impact that the construction work would have on them. I will be able to let you know the current status of your property’s trees as well as any risk they may carry during your building project. 

Plant Selection & Consulting

For commercial landscapes or in your own backyard, Alan Haywood – Arborist & Horticulturist LLC can help you select plants that will thrive in your landscape and prescribe proper maintenance practices. As a skilled pruner, I provide pruning classes and lessons to organizations and individuals. I know the local ecosystems and micro-climates and can provide expert advice on what will grow and look best for your western Washington property!