Lush Landscaping Starts With the Right Plants

Landscape plant selection in the Enumclaw, Auburn & Tacoma, WA area

Do you know which plants will thrive at your home or office? Make sure you cultivate a vibrant landscape with plant selection services from Alan Haywood Arborist & Horticulturist, LLC.

Alan is a certified arborist who has helped numerous home and business owners in northern Pierce and King counties with their landscaping for years.

Any plant will thrive in the right conditions, and Alan knows which plants will flourish at your location.

Get in touch with Alan Haywood Arborist & Horticulturist, LLC in Enumclaw and Auburn today for landscape plant selection services.

Use the right plants in the right place

Selecting plants that aren't right for your environment can lead to sickly plants or ones that outgrow their space. Fortunately, Alan has the experience to choose plants that will look great and grow correctly at your home or office.
You don't want a plant whose foliage scorches in the summer sun or that gets foliar diseases because it is in too much shade. Alan can help you match the right plant to the right place and to keep your landscapes maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Schedule an appointment with a skilled horticulturist in Enumclaw and Auburn right away for plant selection services. Alan also offers tree risk assessment, tree retention and landscape design assistance.